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  • 7g Japanese Fatsia
  • 7g Japanese Fatsia
  • 7g Japanese Fatsia

7g Japanese Fatsia
Fatsia japonica


Grows 8' ht x 4-6' sp 

Fatsia has huge, wide, deeply lobed leaves that are slightly serrated. Leaf stems are quite long and hold the up and out of the plant. Fatsia blooms in the fall, but plants must be mature to bloom. Flowers are white, followed by small, fleshy, non-edible black fruit. Neither adds much to the landscape's appearance. Fatsia is mainly grown for its foliage. Grow as a specimen or in mass plantings in the shade. It prefers slightly acid, moist well-drained soil. If stems become leggy or top-heavy, cut back to encourage branching. Does best in a protected area, or with a northern exposure. Fertilizer will help it look its best.

  • Showy Flower, Showy, Winter Interest, Colorful, Heavy Shade, Evergreen,
  • Hardy in zones 7b-10
  • Part Shade, Shade,