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3g Cast-iron Plant
Aspidistra elatior

24-28" ht

Grows 2' height

Can be used as an indoor house plant or container plant.

The Cast iron plant is aptly named. It has the ability to survive in some of the most adverse conditions. A staple for shade gardens with wide, evergreen leaves that are lance like, dark green and leathery. The Cast Iron Plant likes well worked fertile soils, but can stand hard poor soils that are not soggy and in too much sun. Thrives on neglect, but fertilize during periods of active growth for best apperance. Grows best in deep to moderate shade. In the landscape, use in borders of shade gardens where the foliage can lend drama and a good background for perennial and annual shade plants. Hardy from zones 7-10.

  • Hardy in zones 7b - 10
  • Part Shade, Shade,