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  • 3g Sacred Lily
  • 3g Sacred Lily
  • 3g Sacred Lily

3g Sacred Lily
Rohdea japonica


Grows 1-2' height by 2' spread

Evergreen, showy fruit fall/winter. The Sacred Lily is an uncommon evergreen perennial. It has long, strap-like, dark green leaves which form a vase-shaped clump. The flowers are insignificant, but the fruit can be quite showy all fall and winter. The stalks are nestled down in the foliage and bear clusters of brilliant red-orange fruit that contrast beautifully with the deep green leaves. This is an excellent choice for a shade garden groundcover, a small specimen clump, or even in a container. Best grown in shade. Once established, Rohdea is quite drought tolerant.

Photo CreditNC State Extension

  • Showy Fruit, Showy, Winter Interest, Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant, Low Maintenance, Heavy Shade, Evergreen,
  • Hardy in zones 6a - 10b
  • Part Shade, Shade,