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  • 15g Spartan Juniper
  • 15g Spartan Juniper
  • 15g Spartan Juniper

15g Spartan Juniper
Juniperus chinensis 'Spartan'


Grows 15-20' ht x 4-5' sp 

Chinese juniper leaves come in two types: scale-like (adult) and awl/needle-like (juvenile). Cones (pollen and seed-bearing) appear on different plants. Male plants produce catkin-like pollen cones. Female plants produce fleshy, berry-like, whitish-blue seed cones that usually acquire violet-brown tones as they mature over two years. 'Spartan' is a narrow pyramidal to a columnar tree that grows 15-20' tall but spreads to only 5' wide. Dark green foliage is primarily scale-like. Foliage is attractive throughout the year.

Picture Credit: The JC Raulston Arboretum

  • Winter Interest, Deer Resistant, Evergreen,
  • Hardy in zones 4 - 9
  • Full Sun,